Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage apartment

Hey, all! As you know, I'm back from Turkey! (pictures and details to follow)

. . . which means I have one week until the start of my summer course  

. . . which means I have one week until I move into my new apartment

. . . which means I probably need some furniture!  That is, if I don't want to eat and sleep off the floor! So this week I've been checking craigslist obsessively and emailing various sellers. Today, mom and I drove around collecting furniture! Most of the sellers were young couples, some with small kids. Everyone was so nice! And the prices could not be beat!

I've set up house in our garage (sorry dad, your car is just going to have to weather the elements!)

Here's my new dining room . . .

Living room . . .

and study.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a bed I like yet. Hopefully the apartment floor isn't TOO hard!

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  1. Poser! I don't believe that conversation between you and your dad was real! I don't even think you were TALKING :P

    It was all posed, you heard it here first....