Thursday, July 29, 2010

ModCloth and Cake!

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for (ok, probably not)! I finally have the long-promised fashion show post! This is my entry for the ModCloth style short contest. I think I should win purely based on how long I spent changing in and out of outfits... it took FOREVER. While it can't quite equal the awesomeness of fire-fighter, hipster Esther, hopefully you will still enjoy :D

Please watch it a bajillion times so that I win! I already have all my clothes picked out ;) I will be ever so sad if I don't get any prize moneys...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1 Jackhammer of Sad

I know this blog is reserved for happy thoughts, but I would like to make an exception this one time for the noble reason that I want to complain and all of you are probably asleep. Why am I not also asleep, you might ask? Because there is a JACKHAMMER Truck doing it's thing right outside my house. 

At 7:45 in the morning!

By the way, a Jackhammer truck is my name for a truck with a jackhammer for a nose. There may or may not be an official name for this loud, horrible device. I would not be surprised if it was actually called "Sleep Destroyer" or "Really, really Annoying Truck"
Here it is.

Afterwards, they picked up all the rubble with a shovel truck and tossed it into a dump truck. 
That wasn't that quiet either.

If I was a 5 year old boy, this would have been the best day ever. : /

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fashion Show at Lunch!

Inspired by Iris' pics, I've put together my own pictorial offering. These are all photos that I've had lying around on my computer forever, so they aren't recent. Today's fashion show is brought to you by the letter "S".

Soooo Can't Afford This Esther: Snuck around trying out designer clothing while my mom and her sisters shopped in the scary expensive Tysons mall.

Steampunk Esther: Went to a gathering of like-minded fellows at the National Botanical Garden and had a jolly good time.

Shakespearean Esther: Birthday celebration for Shakespeare at the Folger Library. Involving costumes, birthday cake, arts, crafts, a really geeky brass quartet, and a fake Queen.

Sari Esther: Part of the DC Embassy Walking Tour, the Nepalese embassy taught me how to wrap a sari. About three seconds later, I promptly forgot how to unwrap myself.

Saving Lives Esther: Firefighter Day at the rec center where I volunteer on Saturdays. Last time I was in a fire truck was elementary school.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer happy times 10

Why do I love summer?
 In no particular order: 

1) Stilt walkers!

2) Puppy-dog Fire Hydrants (seen here with Miss Petunia)

3) Cute little girl crocs

4) Outdoor craft fairs

5) My bro&sister-in-law (aren't they just cuteness?!) in front of the house they'll start renting in August

6) Human statues having lunch and chatting

7) Fun coffee shop menus

"Cup of Somerville H2O (alias Tap Water + is quite OK actually) ------- (Small: Free) (Large: Still Free)"

8) Bubble children! Stand aside moon-bounce, there is a new awesome carnival-fun-thing in town!

9) My sister in law, pushing kids around :P

10) And, of course, BBQs with friends :-)

Why do you love summer? Pictures, please! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Notes: Tickle Our Toes Edition

I promised Iris and Anica a summer-y mix of music. Just 'cause. So here's Side A of the Summer Notes mix, TOTes style. I compressed the file, so you'll have to get WinZip (you can download the evaluation version for free), then open the file with the WinZip program.

Just click to download and enjoy: Summer Notes

Side B is forthcoming.

I Was Carried to Ohio in a Swarm of Bees!

It has quite the odd dream-like song lyric and I find this song really memorizing and catchy. I was just visiting my neighborhood Starbucks today and this is their free song of the week: Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National

Monday, July 19, 2010

Awesome Painted Stop-motion animation

I think the title says it all :). I'm home again!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've taken pictures of lots of things that I've made lately (the glorious frittata that some of you got to sample, mushroom risotto, and zucchini with walnuts, chives, garlic, and bread crumbs, just to give a few examples) but somehow my pictures never make them look particularly appetizing. Also I'm lazy and don't remember to put them up. So instead, everyone oogle my new apron!

Is it not AWESOME?!

Right, that's all. I'm making a vanilla buttercream celebration cake today, hopefully pictures of that one will end up surfacing soon so I have material for a real post :)

p.s. It was 75 during my lunch break yesterday. And YOU had the earthquake, not me! Move to San Francisco!