Thursday, July 29, 2010

ModCloth and Cake!

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for (ok, probably not)! I finally have the long-promised fashion show post! This is my entry for the ModCloth style short contest. I think I should win purely based on how long I spent changing in and out of outfits... it took FOREVER. While it can't quite equal the awesomeness of fire-fighter, hipster Esther, hopefully you will still enjoy :D

Please watch it a bajillion times so that I win! I already have all my clothes picked out ;) I will be ever so sad if I don't get any prize moneys...


  1. AW, super cute! I hope you win!

    i think it needs to be a video response to this link ^ to be considered a submission. And it looks like number of views isn't a consideration?

  2. Hah, don't worry, it's been posted as a video response, the ModCloth admins just have to approve the content before it will actually show up. And on the blog post where they initially announced the contest they mention number of views. I'm kind of hoping that you're right and it doesn't really matter though, considering that the other videos have been up much longer than mine and have had way more time to get hits...

  3. Dude, that's totally awesome sauce! OMG, it's so adorable and full of cake and dresses and happy, happy music. :D

    I absolutely loved it. Totally best fashion show at lunch, ever. Hipster, fighting fires, Esther has nothing on that.

  4. Ok, just wanted to be sure! It's soooooo cute! I watched it several times already :)

  5. Hooray! Thanks guys :) Don't forget to like it (click the little thumbs up sign... you know, only if you really like it and stuff, haha) and make random people watch it! If you do, I will owe you cake the next time I come home!

    Miss you guys :(