Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've taken pictures of lots of things that I've made lately (the glorious frittata that some of you got to sample, mushroom risotto, and zucchini with walnuts, chives, garlic, and bread crumbs, just to give a few examples) but somehow my pictures never make them look particularly appetizing. Also I'm lazy and don't remember to put them up. So instead, everyone oogle my new apron!

Is it not AWESOME?!

Right, that's all. I'm making a vanilla buttercream celebration cake today, hopefully pictures of that one will end up surfacing soon so I have material for a real post :)

p.s. It was 75 during my lunch break yesterday. And YOU had the earthquake, not me! Move to San Francisco!


  1. SO CUTE! Where's it from? Note to self: Self, you need to get yourself a cute apron!

  2. Anthropologie :D You can fold it in half too, to make it look even more 50s! They have a TON of other cute ones, though they're all a bit expensive. So worth it though :)