Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fashion Show at Lunch!

Inspired by Iris' pics, I've put together my own pictorial offering. These are all photos that I've had lying around on my computer forever, so they aren't recent. Today's fashion show is brought to you by the letter "S".

Soooo Can't Afford This Esther: Snuck around trying out designer clothing while my mom and her sisters shopped in the scary expensive Tysons mall.

Steampunk Esther: Went to a gathering of like-minded fellows at the National Botanical Garden and had a jolly good time.

Shakespearean Esther: Birthday celebration for Shakespeare at the Folger Library. Involving costumes, birthday cake, arts, crafts, a really geeky brass quartet, and a fake Queen.

Sari Esther: Part of the DC Embassy Walking Tour, the Nepalese embassy taught me how to wrap a sari. About three seconds later, I promptly forgot how to unwrap myself.

Saving Lives Esther: Firefighter Day at the rec center where I volunteer on Saturdays. Last time I was in a fire truck was elementary school.


  1. :) You may have been told this before, but you are ridiculously photogenic!

  2. Also, where are you trying on that designer dress? Do all expensive store dressing rooms, have a desk and phone? :P

  3. AWESOME! You are my very favorite Esther :) I have pictures coming too, just wait!

  4. and seriously, what's with the desk? haha

  5. LOL! i, my five hundred other pictures of my weird faces disagreeeeee!


    Also, yes. Apparently when you are that rich, you need to write entire papers and make phone calls as you take off and put on clothes. I don't know. The hideously wealthy are a mystery wrapped in golden bacon.

  6. I love these! I think my favorite is Fire Fighter Esther. You look awesome in glasses! Tres hipster

  7. Yes! Tres hipster was what I was going for. Of course, some of the little ladies had to try my glasses on, and they looked tres, tres belle in them. Way more chic than me. :D