Thursday, September 16, 2010



I was listening to my Bollywood mix, and my favorite soundtrack came up for Fanaa. The movie is about a blind Kashmiri girl who falls in love with someone who she thinks is a Indian tourist guide. He turns out to be a Kashmiri nationalist part of a larger terrorist plan. It gets even more star-crossed when she has one night with him, conceives a child, finds out he mysteriously disappeared, gets a revolutionary vision-gifting surgery, then gets a visit from her lover whom she doesn't know because she never saw his face. O__o

It's the only Bollywood movie I've ever seen in theaters, and while the ending leaves much to be desired, the cinematography and songs totally stole my heart.

Anyways, got me craving Indian food, but I'm stuck at home, and I don't really feel like calling for it (if any place around here delivers). So I made some. Chicken Tikka Masala using this recipe. It turned out uber spicy and really good, even if did I cheat with some subs.

My friend Sunyia always taught me to start with a minced ginger/garlic paste, then add sliced onions to create a fragrant base. So I did that. Plus, I didn't have tomato in a can, so I used V8. :D


  1. omg, Esther that song was RIDICULOUS! Also, even though I really can't handle spicy food, that chicken looks delicious! Cook for me when I come home please? :)

  2. They're on a boat on a river to nowhere! How awesome is that? And of course I'll cook, if you'll bake. I've found out that the only breakfast worth having is cinnamon ice cream milkshake. :D