Thursday, September 9, 2010

For Use With a Book

I've joined this thing called Swapbot. It's an online forum where you can sign up for various crafting swaps where you draw, color, paint, knit, crochet, collect, design, bake, write, embroider or otherwise craft something, send it off to a swapping partner, and get the same type of craft in return.

I've completed a couple so far involving postcards and writing letters, made friends with some peeps in New York and Naples, and gotten some really fun stuff in the mail.

Anyways, here're some pictures of some stuff I made for my latest swap where we trade handmade bookmarks.

Bookmark #1. It was inspired by one of my favorite sites, Let Us Read and Let Us Dance.

Back of Bookmark #1. It reads, "Now is the time to Read/Dance."

Bookmark #2. Yellow lettering reads "Read." :D

Back of Bookmark #2. It says "for use with a Book!"

Bookmark #3. Not finished with this one quite yet. "This is where I fell asleep." Cuz it usually is.


  1. omg, love it! Send me homemade bookmarks! Also letters go go with the bookmarks :) I miss letters.

    p.s. did you get your postcard yet?

  2. Hey. I got your postcard! But I haven't seen it yet cuz my mom keeps forgetting it at the other office. Also, weird, cuz I totally wrote you a letter yesterday. I'm sending it today so look for it in the mail sometime next week. And write back!

  3. haha, so it's the third one from the bottom that you sent me, right? Because that was DEFINITELY my favorite! Dude, we are so on the same wavelength, haha

    I also love the "This is where I fell asleep" one. So perfect :)

  4. SO CUTE! You have to post pictures of the ones you get in return as well!

  5. THANK YOU! I'll definitely post pics of the ones I get in return. People are mondo creative. :D

  6. I want one of everything you make please :D

  7. LOL. Well, my output isn't all that great. And I don't know how much you want a letter about my past experiences with Eid and iftars, but, okay? Also, write me back, and I'll send you an awesome sauce letter. :D