Monday, August 30, 2010


Lately I've been on a quest to make the pefect s'mores cupcake...

My first attempt was very pretty, but the cake was heavy and dense, and the marshmallow frosting hardened quickly, which gave it the wrong consistency. My second attempt was way more successful though!

Instead of baking the graham cracker into the cupcake, I made a separate crust!

Milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet made it more s'mores like.

TONS of cocoa powder in the cake batter

Extra graham cracker crumbs on top

The frosting was much lighter and easier to work with this time (cream of tartar based instead of gelatin) and it stayed gooey instead of hardening up!

Toasting the marshmallow tops made a BIG difference! (I couldn't find a torch the first time)

Here they are, all ready to go in my new cupcake carrier :D Next time I'm going to add milk chocolate ganache (either as icing or as a filling), will make the crust on the bottom a little thicker, and I think that will pretty much do it. Hooray for cupcakes!

And speaking of cupcakes, meet my new bike... Cupcake!

Life is good :)


  1. Those look amazing. Does anyone else remember making s'more cakes in casserole dishes in high school? We just put a layer of graham crackers, a layer of chocolate and a layer of marshmallows and baked until the marshmallow was toasted. Those were the days!

  2. Ooo, that sounds so good! I did a little cake version of this cupcake with the leftover crumbs/batter/topping, but it's not the same thing. The end goal is that the s'mores cupcakes will be better than actual s'mores... but I'm not sure if it can be done! How do you top perfection?!

  3. OMG. Those look so delectable. And your little bike with the cupcake carrier is the cutest thing I saw since I almost ran into this dude in Dupont who had his teacup dog riding in a basket between the handlebars! Totally Dorothy and Toto. :D

    Come back to the land of all seasons and make those things for us to eat? Cuz you're obviously some sort of awesomeness savant.