Monday, August 23, 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriela!

Ryan and I went to a Rodrigo y Gabriela concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley this past weekend... and it was AMAZING! Gabriela's fingers go so fast that sometimes I can't even see them anymore! And just in case being super talented wasn't enough, they're both gorgeous (SERIOUSLY) and have fantastic accents. Yep, I'm in love :)


I have three of their albums so far and will definitely be getting their new one soon! Esther, if you can send me some directions for setting up the downloadable file like you did for Summer Notes, I would be happy to share :)


  1. I <3 R&G. They're so freaking talented. And I love that they made their way through Ireland by busking. I'll send you the deets on how to set up the files.

    I'm glad you had fun! :D

  2. dude, still waiting on those file sharing details! Come on Esther, keep up! ;)