Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Make Crafts and Eat Sno Cones Day!

Today, instead of working, E-dawg and i decided to craft in the sun!And then blog about it. It was awesome sauce!

Iris: Esther had all this pretty paper to make pom flowers!
 which she did with amazing success! Aren't they cute!
 What a difference from Tracy and my pom disaster. I think it's because she actually measured....
Though she didn't use such care when folding the paper back up! This is her "screw fold lines! I'm going to fold this how I wanna" face. You show 'em! What a maverick!

Iris was awesome today. She quilled, she paper mached, and she also helped Katie through a very tough time. Very tough. Here is a beautiful, sassy, gal that Iris made by twirling paper around an eensy weensy baton thingy.

Then Iris modeled some of HER paper for the entire street. :)

And here is a cheap-o frame from the Dollar Store that Iris managed to paper mache. Which is pretty darn impressive when you realize she did it with Elmer's glue that looked more like a milky broth.

Iris and Esther (Reunited!): During our crafting, Iris heard a (very calm) little girl's voice saying "Help Katie! Anyone help Katie!" So of course we just sat there and waited to hear it again, which is a good thing because there WAS NO Katie. It was a sno cone fundraiser for HAITI.

And who can pass that up? So we went to get us some sno cones. (We realize that we only got up when there was food involved and not hurt little children.--but she was calm! and there were like five kids on bikes we thought they were playing... rescue mission or something)

The kids were adorable! First they "blended" the MASSIVE chunk of ice...
... then covered it in syrup! We'd be a little worried about hygiene with the two dogs right there...

BUT luckily the family-sized jug of hand sanitizer was right there!
The blender did it's best, but was totally owned by the ice.
Nevertheless, it was a good day!


  1. hey, I totally commented on this earlier!

    Anyway, to reiterate:

    -flowers = AWESOME
    -little paper man = AWESOME
    -esther and iris = AWESOME

    I miss you both, please come visit me and bring your crafts with you!

  2. and by "little paper man" I mean "little paper woman." d'oh