Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poo Cookies

This week I decided to try to make the Vanilla Bean Melting Moments with Caramel Filling that my friend Dani made last week. The recipe calls for a piping bag to pipe the cookies onto the cookie sheet. This was my first time using a piping bag and while it was oddly satisfying to pipe the cookies, after making a couple I realized that this would not work.

Because it looked like poo. Not intentional!! So I quickly added a couple more drops of cookie dough and then it looked like this

Now the poo has ears! I crossed my fingers and sent these cookies into the oven.

BUT something was missing....

No more poo cookies, teddy cookies!


  1. HAHAHA! Thank you tracy, you just made my morning :)

    Soon to come, pictures and recipe of the BEST blueberry muffins ever!

    yeah, I know, muffins are way less exciting than poo cookies :)

  2. lol, those are ADORABLE! When I read the title i thought you meant was winnie the pooh. :P I was close!

  3. Totally adorable. I was really hesitant when I saw the title but then you made the situation awesome by making the cutest cookies ever. :)

  4. hahahaha i love how your title is not subtle, made me laugh out loud :)

  5. p.s. Tracy, where is the recipe? I want to try them too! :)