Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 spoonfuls of happy

QUESTION: What makes me happy?
1) Biting the heads off twelve different flavors of Gummy Bears (from Wegmans)

2) Eating Chickfillet at Fudruckers

3) Rooftop Trees

4)  GIANT Strawberries from Costco

5) Impromptu Advertising . . . mmm, refreshing!

6) Paddledragons! (They're at the inner harbor and yes, we have to try them!)

7) A store just for me!

8a) Tulip season in my parent's front yard

8b) Flowers that look like they've been attacked by a scissor monster.

9) Random crazy-cars on the highway.

10) And of course. . . reconnecting with old friends. 

Please share some things that make you smile :) 


  1. OMG! Awesome list of awesome! I will have to come up with my own list and present it to you all. :D

    Hope you're having fun in Turkey!

  2. that WAS an awesome list of awesome :) Everything on there made me smile! I miss you guys! We need to start planning our 4th of July bbq :D :D :D