Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bus Stops, Galore!

While searching for an answer to our bus stop decorations mystery (part 1 and part 2), Google led me to a site with some creative bus stop structures!

Creative bus stops from around the world!

My favorites are the one painted to look like the living room from The Simpsons and one that is full of Ikea furniture.


  1. those were amazing :D I was extra fond of the crazy twirling house one and the one with the swing, but they were all awesome! We need more bus stops like that.

  2. those are awesome! I also loved the whimsical swing. The IKEA one makes me want to go decorate a bus stop like a room!

  3. Duude! The one with all the money is absolutely hilarious! I don't know that I would even try for the money, though. I think it'd be kind of weird to just stand there banging on the glass really, really hard. O__o