Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Shop Art

Hey all, e-Dawg and i here with another fascinating story of love and betrayal! But really just crafting. So we've been wanting to make 'bottle flowers' for a while and E-Dawg has been saving up bottles for some time.   
Look how gleeful she looks!

First we cut up the bottles. 

Then we got bored with that. So we raced! READY... SET . . .GO!

We took all the pieces out to be spray painted. As you can see they all turned out differently (because we're super creative.) We only had white and gold spray paint so we went with white and gold. The best choices are no choices at all!

Some close ups: 
We loved spray painting! We totally get the appeal of tagging walls. But we kept it legal .... this time! ;0)

We did a bit of posing with the flower. Here's e-dawg trying to be 'whimsical'. 

For some reason every time I yelled "Be more whimsical!" she ruined the picture with a laughing smile. Weird, huh?

I just look scared.

Then we decided to make some Coffee house art... because what else are you going to do with flowers made of bottles? With a little paper, wire, hot glue, and netting, the 'masterpieces' were done!

Now we just need to figure out what we're going to do with these. -_-


  1. Next Blog Post From You Guys: Hey, We Made A Coffee House to go with our Bottle Flowers!!!

  2. Totally! And We Will Make the Coffee to go with the coffee house. As in, we will literally grow the coffee beans in our backyards. Because that is how we roll.

    Cinnamon roll, that is. :D

  3. mail them to me so that I can put them up in my apartment to remind me of your awesomeness! hahaha

    no seriously, MAIL THEM TO ME!

    I miss you guys :( Also, I think you're talking about me every time you say E-dawg, which is confusing. Esther needs a new name... like Petunia!