Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bus Stop Jungle part 2: Baltimore


While driving to Anica's after looking for apartments today, I saw a Baltimore bus stop decked in flowers similar to the one Elaine saw in Cali. (as reported here) This was the best pic I could get, since the light turned green after I took it. Are the bus stop decorations connected? Was one inspired by the other? Or is this some kind of alien communication that we just can't understand? 

There is some evidence that these were not independent acts of whimsy. Check out these close ups of the two bus stops from opposite sides of the country. They look remarkably similar and both have what look like oranges (?) among their blooms. 

Sadly, we may never know who put these up. We can only be glad that they did for whatever happy reason. Be sure to keep your eyes and cameras open and let us know if there is another sighting!


  1. Holy crap! I call alien invasion conspiracy! But obviously, a genteel, pretty, delicious invasion. We will submit willingly to their citrus-y embrace! :D

  2. there's another one in downtown, different from the one iris took a picture of! it looks the same, ahhhh what is going on??!?!

  3. sadly, I now know what it's for. A few weeks after the decorations initially appeared they added an ad to the billboard part of the bus stop for some jungle fresh (?) deodorant product with matching flowers. Yep, it's a giant ad campaign. I love how they paced it out so that you'd grow attached to the flowers before you realized what they were for.

    I still love them :) I wish all advertising made life more beautiful!

  4. ah HA! That proves it was the aliens! They knew we were on to them so they made it look like an ad campaign. Clever, aliens. Very clever.

    Anyway, Elaine you should take a pic of the ad campaign and post it as an 'mystery solved' edit to my post. I'd like to see it. :)

  5. hah, I keep meaning to, but I'm so tired in the morning that I always forget! Maybe tomorrow will be different :)

  6. LOL, seriously?! Deodorant?! Those aliens are crafty bastards. I will totally buy their mind-altering smell-masking product. :D