Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lemons galore!

Now that it's getting warm and happy in SF, I've really been craving happy summer food. Happy summer food like sorbet! So I went to my neighborhood market to see if anything jumped out at me and ta-da! Ginormous lemons at 3 for a dollar :)

These lemons were magical. Esther, remember the last time we made lemon sorbet? This was so much easier! Just one lemon had about 1/4 cup of juice!

And don't even get me started on how much zest you can get from just one of those lemons! Craziness!

The 'fruits' of my labor ;)

Just for size comparison, here are halves of lemons from my friend's tree next to a half of the crazy big ones from the market...

Even the juice came out different! The little lemons had darker, ever-so-slightly-more-orange flavored juice. The big lemons were light and tart, and produced about 1.5 cups of juice, so I used them for the sorbet.

There was even enough left over to try out Tracy's lemon butter cookies!

Next time the lemon sorbet needs a raspberry reduction sauce (and maybe a tiny bit less zest). Still, I loved both recipes...

And so did Ryan :)

If you want to try it out, you can see the recipe here! The only change that I made was to swap the carbonated mineral water for grapefruit/tangerine sparkling water... well, that and I added a healthy splash of rum. You know, to keep things from getting too icy. Worked like a charm :)


  1. Those cookies are SOOOOOO good, aren't they? I love your pic of the giant lemon. It's like Godzilla among the little ones :P.

  2. YAY LEMONS! YAY! And that lemon is so ridiculous. In an awesome "we're living in the future where science can grow us genetically mutated, giant fruit" kind of way. :D